• PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE: After being leaked in ads from Target, Walmart and Best Buy, Microsoft finally confirmed a $100 price drop for its top-of-the-line Xbox 360 Elite system late this week. Anyone taking advantage of the new price should thank my cousin, who bought an Xbox 360 just three days ago, thus ensuring it would be cheaper before too long.
  • CATACLYSMIC: Blizzard this week announced Cataclysm, a 2010 expansion for World of Warcraft that will include two new playable races, a higher level cap, and, most importantly, the ability to master Archaeology as a skill. Indy would be so proud.
  • GOOD TASTE: According to a Twitter report, the sequel to cult classic and critical darling Beyond Good & Evil is “on hold” for the time being. Meanwhile, Cabela announced this week that the Wii version of Big Game Hunter 2010 would come with this large orange plastic shot gun. So congratulation, lowest common denominator. You win again.
  • RECORD BREAKING: Germany’s new GamesCom conference saw 245,000 visitors, making it the largest gaming trade show in history according to organizers. Despite this, attendees failed in an effort to break the record for most cosplayers in a single location. Come on Germans, step up your dress up! Let your freak flags fly!
  • LEGAL LIMBO: A bureaucratic snafu discovered this week means that England’s Video Recordings Act, which prohibits minors from buying adult-rated video games, has not technically been enforceable for the past 25 years. They’re working on fixing the loophole, but in the meantime I expect society will crumble as hordes of Manhunt-addled youths wreak destruction through the streets of London.
  • AND FINALLY this week we saw pro skateboarders gleefully demonstrate how Tony Hawk: RIDE will make all those years they spent enduring injuries and mastering highly specialized real world skills completely obsolete. And that was the week in Gaming for August 28, 2009.

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