July 2009


Faith | Mirror’s Edge
OW! Just skinned my knee while jumping over razor wire. OwieowieowowowOW! F***!

sk8r | Skate 2
@HallofMeat Just broke ten bones, including my skull. Good enough 4 U?

Who the hell put a key in the middle of the maze? This thing is inedible. Blech!



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Please, sir, may I have a PS3 price cut? Plus: games that hurt and gamers who blow.

  • POLITE REQUESTS Tecmo Koei CEO Kenji Matsubara mentioned in an interview with Computer & Video Games that he frequently asks Sony reps to quote,  ‘Please cut the price’ of the PlayStation 3.
  • ECONOMICS In Japan, Enterbrain reports games sales are down 25% in 2009, but in the US Nielsen reports “hours played per week” has hit an all time high on the strength of strong used sales and rentals.
  • WORLD OF WARCRAFT got an in-game client to read and send Twitter updates as well as a free version of casual gaming favorite Peggle.
  • GAMES FOR HEALTH Bayer revealed the Didgit, a portable blood-glucose meter for the DS that unlocks in-game items through consistent testing.
  • THEME PARKS Six Flags announced that it would feature the upcoming Wii Sports Resort in its theme parks.
  • UNSURPRISING FOURS. This week EA revealed Command & Conquer 4, actress Mila Jovovich confirmed a fourth Resident Evil movie and Valve said that Left 4 Dead 2 has twice as many pre-orders as the original. Shocking…!
  • AND FINALLY this week, the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention hosted to the world’s first NES cartridge blowing competition.

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Do a Videogame News Roll (Press R or Z twice)

In this volume:

  • Report: 86 percent of your Xbox Live friends “watching a video or some shit”
  • Tecmo/KOEI unenthusiastically reveals yet another Dynasty Warriors game
  • Supermarket Sweep Live coming to Xbox Live Primetime

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In some ways, I’m probably the worst person possible to review this game.

For one, I’ve never played any of the original Monkey Island games. Call me a delinquent game journalist if you must, but despite the never-ending seas of critical praise for LucasArts’ classic PC adventure series, I’ve never bothered to figure out the Secret, cure the Curse, or try to Escape from Monkey Island (much less fend off LeChuck’s Revenge).

While I’ve hung around enough gamers to recognize the name Guybrush Threepwood and the joys of Insult Swordfighting, I’m definitely not part of the nostalgia-influenced market Telltale is targeting with this remake. This worried me a bit going into this review — I feared the game would be full of references to characters and events from a decade-old series I had no experience with. To Telltale’s credit, while I feel like I missed a few obvious inside jokes directed at Monkey Island veterans, for the most part Tales of Monkey Island works well as an introduction to the series.

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Games go Hollywood, StarCraft players go nuts, and Disney goes to the third dimension.

In this edition:

  • Plastics!
  • Sony Rumors!
  • Game Movies!
  • The Future!
  • Real Time Protest!
  • Fire Sale!
  • Girl Gamers!
  • And finally: 3D Glasses!

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What do you do when you’ve spent nearly a third of your life writing about games for a single company, only to see that company decline and be sold off as a faint echo of what it once was? If you’re Dan “Shoe” Hsu, the answer is simple — take a short break, then finally go into business for yourself.

An 11-year veteran of Ziff Davis Media, Hsu rose to be editor-in-chief of the magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly and editorial director for 1UP.com before leaving in April of 2008, just months before the magazine was shuttered and 1UP was sold to UGO. Since then he’s dabbled in freelancing for G4, launched a gaming video series with his girlfriend, and started a personal blog called Sore Thumbs with former EGMer Crispin Boyer. Then, just before E3, Hsu revealed his long-planned mystery project, Bitmob, a game site that relies on a mix of professional content from Hsu and some fellow Ziff Davis alums and community content written by Bitmob readers.

I talked to Hsu about his thoughts on the post-departure Ziff Davis, his vision for Bitmob and the future of the game journalism in general.

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Back at E3 2006, motion control was the star of the show for the first time, with the new Wii Remote drawing two hour lines at the show’s height. At E3 2009, motion control was again the big focus of the show, with Nintendo’s more accurate WiiMotionPlus; Microsoft’s camera-based, hand-controller-free Project Natal; and Sony’s best-of-both-worlds, camera-and-magic-wand Motion Controller demo. These new technologies understandably have developers, journalists and gamers excitedly imagining what kind of brand new, exciting game experiences might be possible in this brave new world of more accurate motion control.

Nuts to that. Why come up with all new game experiences when there are tons of classic games and franchises just begging to be remade for this new generation of controllers? Here’s a quick list of some games we want to see brought back for some motion-controlled fun.

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