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  • THE SKY IS FALLING! NPD announced this week that June game sales suffered their worst year-over-year drop in nine years, with software sales off 29 percent and hardware sales down 38 percent. In happier news, the number of pundits calling gaming “recession-proof” plummeted nearly 100% this week.
  • CROSS-PROMOTION The San Diego Comic-Con brought word of new comics based on God of War, Dead Space Extraction and Free Realms. In exchange, the world of comics is giving gaming a cameo appearance by Stan Lee in the upcoming Marvel Ultimate Alliance game. Uh… is it too late to trade back?
  • YOU’RE THE STAR Harmonix this week announced the Rock Band Network, a new initiative that lets indie bands upload tracks for consideration as Rock Band downloads. So instead of pretending you’re in some of the world’s biggest musical acts, soon you’ll be able to pretend you’re that garage band from down the street that got seven people to show up for its last show. Whoo…?
  • Speaking of USER CREATED CONTENT LittleBigPlanet celebrated the creation of its one millionth user-made level this week. MediaMolecule says it would take over five years to play through all of them… or over five minutes to play through all the good ones. AW SNAP!
  • HOLLYWOODCRAFT Legendary Pictures announced this week that Sam Raimi is directing a film based on the Warcraft universe. Early reports indicate the main characters will spend the first hour of the movie killing small animals and standing in the middle of town, begging passersby to let him join their guild.
  • ALTERNATE HISTORY 10 years ago this week, Steve Jobs introduced the original Halo at Macworld ’99. The game went on to help sell millions of Macintosh computers and cement Apple’s reputation as a company that cares about gamers… IN BIZARRO WORLD!
  • LEGAL EAGLES New York state legislators this week passed a bill that bans playing video games while driving. In other news, apparently before now it was legal to play video games WHILE DRIVING in New York! Who knew?
  • AND FINALLY this week, Activision unveiled the first trailer for Band Hero, which is apparently just like Guitar Hero… only for insanely beautiful people.