Grinches in July, cross-platform madness, and the goggles — they do something

  • PUSH ‘EM BACK PUSH ‘EM BACK WAAAAAY BACK!: A bunch of games are getting pushed back to 2010
  • JAPANESE RPGs: Dragon Quest 9 sells 1 hojillion copies.
  • PLATFORM SHUFFLING: A bunch of games get release for other systems.
  • BORING EXERCISE: Konami announced rhythmic walking simulator “Lets Walk it Out” for the Wii
  • FIGHTING WORDS: UFC president Dana White says he’ll blacklist fighters appearing in EA’s unlicensed Mixed Martial Arts game.
  • RETURN OF THE KING:  MCV reports a new game feature King of Pop Michael Jackson has been in development for months and is due out by Christmas.
  • AND FINALLY this week Activision announced a $150 “prestige edition” of Modern Warfare 2 that includes working night vision goggles.

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