With Major League Baseball taking a break for the All-Star Game this week, we thought it’d be a good chance to take a look at videogaming’s all-star performers for the first half of 2009. These are the games that brought something new and interesting to the table, the games we keep coming back to when we should be working, the games that we don’t want to forget about when it comes time for the year-end lists.

Top vote-getters


1. Plants vs. Zombies

What we said: “Before you know it, you’re deploying watermelon catapults to drive back rows of Zombonis (those are zombies on zambonis, don’tcha know?) while erecting a protective canopy of palm trees to protect your balloon-zombie-popping cacti from an overhead assault by zombies on bungee cords. The change is so gradual that it barely registers from level to level, but at some point you look up and realize that Plants vs. Zombies has grown from a small, insignificant seed into a complex, chaotic, fast-paced strategy game that’s as addictive as the best in the genre.” — Kyle Orland (Read his review)

Second-half prospects: The addiction has held on this long, but it may be a faded memory by the time 2010 rolls around. Upcoming versions for non-PC platforms, though, could bring it back — stronger than ever.

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