The main point of a beta test is to let a small section of dedicated players figure out what works and what doesn’t before wider release to the general public. To that end, Beta Notes makes constructive criticism about what can and should be improved before the game goes gold.

This week: 1 vs. 100

Your basic trivia quiz with a massively-multiplayer twist, 1 vs. 100 lets players compete against each other on Xbox Live for multiple-choice supremacy. The regularly-scheduled Extended Play sessions offer a nonstop stream of canned questions, but the Live shows play out more like the show on which the game is based. In these two-hour sessions, one lucky player (“The One”) faces off against 100 randomly selected opponents (“The Mob”) to see who can last the longest without missing a question. As Mob members drop out, the prize pool of (thus-far imaginary) Microsoft Points gets bigger, until the One misses a question (letting the Mob split his winnings) or decides to stop (taking the prize for himself). Those not selected as the One or the Mob can play along as members of “The Crowd” for bragging rights.

What we like:

  • The pacing: Questions and answers come at a good clip, with 37 questions in the average half-hour Extended Play episode. Plus, the quick answer timer makes it nearly impossible to Google for answers. Good move!
  • The competition: Playing live against thousands of other players lets you revel in their ignorance when they miss an easy question en masse. Which is the whole point of trivia, after all.
  • The interface: Bravo for compressing a lot of information on scoring, Mob and Crowd performance, and statistics into an easy and pleasant-to-read format.

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