Press Pass: Blogging by the Numbers

When I talk about the subject of blogs (and videogame blogs in particular) with fellow journalists, PR people, developers and readers, I keep hearing the same few complaints:

  • Blogs just publish press releases and stuff from other outlets. They don’t do any original writing.
  • Blogs just post fluff like screenshots and rumors and pictures of cakes. They don’t publish real news.
  • All the blogs just steal stuff from each other (and the partisan corollary, [Blog A] just steals everything from [Blog B]).

While these arguments may apply to some blogs (and have perhaps fit all of blogging at one point), they didn’t really apply to my experience writing for Joystiq from 2006 through 2008. Sure, a lot of our day was spent summarizing and linking to the work of other people, and we posted our fair share of screenshot galleries and picture of cakes. But we also did a lot of original reporting, and wrote consumer-focused reviews, previews and other features that tended to get lost amidst the never-ending drumbeat of news posts.

Of course, I could make this firsthand argument to anyone who cared to listen, but I never had any hard data to back up my claims. Until today.

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