Nintendo DSi Buyer's Guide

Nintendo’s never been one to leave well enough alone when it comes to hardware. The original Nintendo Entertainment System begat a smaller, top-loading version of the system near the end of its life. The original Game Boy gave way to the smaller, sharper Game Boy Pocket. The clunky Game Boy Advance preceded the svelte, flip-folding Game Boy Advance SP, which itself preceded the tiny, tiny Game Boy Micro.

So it is with the Nintendo DS. After overhauling the original 2004 system with the smaller, sleeker DS Lite upgrade in 2006, Nintendo still couldn’t stop tinkering. The DSi, released in North America on Apr. 5, 2009, again refines Nintendo’s dual-screen portable with a new form factor, new multimedia features and even a new online shop from which to download new games.

Is all this newness worth the $169.99 sticker price? Read on to find out.

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