Music is obviously the core focus of MTV News — it’s right there in the Music Television name. But over the last four years, the outfit has increasingly included videogame coverage in its ever-expanding pop culture sphere. That increased attention has largely been the responsibility of Stephen Totilo, who was hired as MTV’s first full-time videogame beat reporter back in May 2005. Since then he’s built MTV News, and its game-focused MTV Multiplayer blog, into a major destination for original game reporting and commentary.

The Totilo era at MTV News ends this Friday, though, when the longtime game reporter leaves to take a Deputy Managing Editor position at Gawker’s popular gaming blog Kotaku. I took the transition as an opportunity to talk to Totilo about the future of MTV News’ gaming coverage, his plans for Kotaku and his thoughts on the wider game journalism industry. Below are some of the most interesting excerpts from our conversation.

Key Quotes:

“Hopefully [MTV Multiplayer] doesn’t have to go dark … There’s a chance [it could happen], but if that happens it won’t be some weird frozen in time thing. We’ll let readers know it’s happening and what they can expect beyond that.”

“The plan is not for me to regularly re-post news gathered from elsewhere. … Imagine what I do in my current gig transplanted into Kotaku. That’s what Kotaku gets.”

“Just a week or so I was reading some rude comments from a developer telling me that he was sure I was just biding my time until I could get a cushy development job. He guessed wrong. If a meteor hits Kotaku and I manage to survive, then I will get another gaming journalism job after that.”

“Reporters need to pick up the phone more and find out about stories for themselves. And readers would be best served to identify those reporters and outlets who do the best work and keep supporting them.”

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