Press Pass: Just Foolin' AwardsI certainly understand why a lot of game journalists absolutely loathe April Fools’ Day. Besides having to be on alert all day for fake news coming through the pipes, game journos also have to spend the day enduring some truly awful attempts at “humor” from writers who really have no business trying to be funny.

I can’t count myself among the Fool-haters, though. I look forward to April 1 every year as a day for game journalists to stretch a bit outside of their tiny, fact-based reporting-and-commentary boxes to try their hand at some creative fiction. It’s a chance to imagine what could and should be in this industry, a day to create elaborate fictional worlds where even the implausible is possible.

So, this year, as in years past, I’ve put together this set of awards to celebrate the best (and denigrate some of the worst) of the April Fools’ form. Enjoy.

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