Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop for Wii reviewFrom the first time it was shown, Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop didn’t exactly receive a warm welcome from the press. Most observers immediately and justifiably compared the game to its inspiration — 2006’s Dead Rising on the Xbox 360 — and found this new port wanting. Kotaku‘s hands-on preview roundly derided the game’s largely empty corridors and called the Wii port a “terrible, terrible idea.” A VG Cats comic declared in a fake ad that Chop Till You Drop was the “same game [with] half the content!” Even a writer at fan site GoNintendo said it felt like Wii owners were “getting a raw deal” with this new version of the game.

I have to take these previews at their word, frankly, because I don’t have much experience with the Xbox 360 version of Dead Rising. Call me a delinquent game critic if you must, but aside from a five-minute demo at a local GameStop, I never found the time to kill thousands of mall-based zombies until I played Chop Till You Drop. While this means I can’t offer up the point-by-point comparison that fans of the original might be looking for, it does mean I can go into this review with fresh eyes, seeing the Wii version for what it is rather than for the Xbox 360 version it can’t claim to be. Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop is its own game, and one that has to stand or fall with or without the albatross of its popular predecessor hanging around its neck. Despite the system-to-system comparisons that will keep fanboys arguing well into the next generation, the only question that matters for millions of Wii-only gamers is this: Is Chop Till You Drop a fun, satisfying game in its own right?

The answer is slightly more “Yes, with a but” than “No, with a maybe.”

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