Street Fighter IV merits, at best, an afternoon rental.” (1) “In some respects, the game feels too old school for its own good.” (6) “This is essentially the same game most of us played nearly two decades ago. … It’s still This Guy vs. That Guy.” (1) “If the Street Fighter scene (or perhaps, more precisely, the fighting game scene) has bored you as of late, I don’t see you finding a revolution in this one.” (9) “Once fans have relived their virtual-martial-arts glory days … once the patina of nostalgia has worn off, most will wonder whether they needed to spend $60 on a game they already own.” (1)

It Ain't Perfect: Street Fighter IV

The “anime cutscenes are a bit incongruous … and lame.” (3) “The animation quality is Saturday-morning-cartoon-level bad” (2) and “the quality of the cartoons is uncomfortably close to bad early-90s anime.” (8) “The cringe-worthy English voice acting … won’t be to everyone’s liking” (5) as “the various characters spout their idiotic dialogue” (1) and “many nonsensical, we-don’t-need-no-stinking-writers taunts [are] uttered.” (1)

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