This week’s question: What’s the best-known game you’ve never played?

Kyle Orland

Ask the Game Trust: Your Guilty Gaming GapKyle Orland: World of Warcraft

Why haven’t you played it? I’ve seen first-hand what World of Warcraft has done to some of my grade-school friends. Specifically, it’s turned them into terrible bores who can only talk about World of Warcraft! Yes, there is a part of me that wants to understand the secret language they all seem to be speaking, but there’s a larger part of me that thinks I, too, will become a 12-hour-per-day addict playing WoW in excess and to the exclusion of other games. Of course, that means that I wouldn’t be able to review those other games, so I’d lose my job and then my home and end up living under a bridge somewhere, getting my WoW fix with a hand-crank laptop charger and municipal WiMAX connection. So you see my predicament.

How do friends/col leagues react when they find out? The non-WoW players completely understand, and usually identify with my reasoning. The WoW players, of course, try to recruit me. “Oh, it’s real casual,” they’ll say. “You can have fun playing just a few hours a week.” But I know they’re just trying to lure me into their sordid little world of addiction. The first taste is always free, right?

Any guilt about this gap in your gaming knowledge? A little … the game has gotten so big and dominates such a large part of gaming subculture at this point that I feel like an outsider looking in a lot of the time. Why couldn’t SubSpace have been the hot MMO everyone was still playing? What? You don’t remember SubSpace? My point exactly!

What would it take to get you to play it? I’d probably have to be retired … or at least in a different line of work.

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