Search around a bit on the Internet and you’ll find plenty of treatises on videogame box art, be it good, bad, strange, or, um, “most awesome.” But no one seems to pay attention to the art that actually gets printed on the disc itself.

This isn’t all that surprising. Most players barely glance at the disc before shoving it into their game system, and most publishers just end up shoving a smaller version of the box art on there anyway. But there are a few games that seem to take pride in that last bit of imagery the player gets before starting up a game.

These are just some of those games, culled from hundreds of examples of disc art that ranged from atrocious to merely generic. For this list, I was looking for examples of disc art that was:

  • Artistic: Pretty and/or interesting to look at.
  • Original: Not just a copy of the box art or the standard waist-up shot of the main character.
  • Twisted: A familiar scene shown from a different angle or zoom level.
  • Shape-appropriate: I’m an unapologetic sucker for art that fills the disc with a round object.
  • Title-less: So iconic that the game is immediately identifiable, despite the title not being included.

Enjoy the list, and please share your thoughts and favorites in the comments

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