This week’s question: What was the first game you bought with your own money?
Ask the Game Trust: The First Game You Bought
Kyle Orland: Mickey Mousecapade (NES)

When did you buy it? The fall of 1989. I was 7 years old.

Why did you choose that particular game? After playing Super Mario Bros. for about one bazillion hours during my first three months of NES ownership (and spending roughly 10 minutes on Duck Hunt), I was eager to get another game — any other game. So I convinced my mom to truck me to Toys “R” Us with the $50 I had saved up from my $2.50/week allowance (including $20 I had gotten as a birthday gift from Grandma). Back then, I didn’t have access to Nintendo Power or GamePro, so I was entirely at the mercy of the box art to make my purchase decisions (You have to admit: That’s some nice box art). I was also at the mercy of my mother, who gently nudged me towards Mickey Mousecapade because of 1) the friendly Disney characters and 2) the discount price of $20, which, she pointed out, would leave more money for future games!

Did it live up to your expectations? Well, it was bright and colorful, and you could jump, and I could get to Level 3 pretty consistently after playing for a while, so I’ll have to say yes. I never understood why Mickey had a gun that shot tiny white stars, though.

Do you still own the game? No; it was lost in the great FuncoLand NES Game Purge of ’93 to help pay for some worthless SNES game — a decision I still regret.

Would you buy it again (at the original price)? No, but I might plunk down a fiver on a Virtual Console re-release down the road to relive the memories.

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