I shared my thoughts on the following anticipated games of 2009 with Crispy Gamer (click the links for out entire spiel):

  • Tekken 6: “What I would like to see is some more robust artificial intelligence — maybe something akin to Virtua Fighter‘s system of player rankings and AI characters with distinct personalities and fighting styles. As it stands, the solo play is getting a bit stale for me…”
  • Street Fighter IV: “I’m glad that Capcom’s going back to basics and paring down much of the over-designed detritus (parrying, air-blocking, double jumping, tag-teaming, etc.) that’s made most of its recent fighters way too complicated for me.”
  • Wii Sports Resort: “For me, Wii Sports Resort represents nothing less than the final fulfillment of the promise of the Wii, circa 2005.”
  • Brutal Legend: “Yeah, the Psychonauts controls did go a little button-crazy, but try and tell me that bouncing around on a thought bubble wasn’t pure fun on a bun. I’m hoping for the same basic thrill of movement from BrĂ¼tal Legend, along with some more visceral, nonstop action — a pinch of Dead Rising, if you will.”
  • Ghostbusters: The Video Game: “Based on what I’ve seen, it looks like a pretty standard, relatively clunky third-person shooter that happens to be set in the Ghostbusters universe. Even if that gameplay is fast-paced and fun, it’s unlikely to really feel like the movie, which was all about some wacky characters running around in the big city and struggling to be taken seriously.”