Prince of Persia for Xbox 360 review I must admit, I let out an involuntary laugh when I heard the title character in Prince of Persia let loose with the line, “either of us could die any minute.” This laugh came not because the line was a bit hackneyed (it was) or badly delivered (it wasn’t). No, I laughed because the one thing that sets Prince of Persia apart from other platform games — more than anything else — is the fact that the main characters are never in danger of dying “any minute.” No matter how many 100-foot chasms the Prince falls down, no matter how many times he’s sliced up by an enemy sword, no matter how many times he stumbles into the undulating black “Corrpution” that dots the land, his God-powered magical companion Elika is there to reach out a glowing blue hand and drag him back to the safety of the nearest piece of solid ground.
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