Tom Clancy's End War review for Xbox 360Think for a moment about all the standard, traditional handheld controllers you’ve ever handled. After the years you’ve spent using them, you probably thin k they’re a perfectly natural way to control a game. But that familiarity obscures the indirect, imprecise way these controllers convert our desires into on-screen actions. Just consider all the times you’ve missed a jump in a platformer, or been shot in a first-person shooter, because your fingers weren’t nimble enough.

Those explosions sure are pretty. Too bad they obscure the enemy unit you’d like to be looking at.

The ideal interface would skip this middleman entirely and directly convert our thoughts into deeds without delay or interference. While other companies work on that pipe dream, Ubisoft has been trying to spruce up the real-time strategy genre with something to bridge the gap — an interface for Tom Clancy’s EndWar based on simple voice commands. While the idea and its execution have some merit, EndWar‘s flaws as a game pretty much guarantee that most people will make little note of the developer’s achievement in voice-based controls.

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