January 2008

To anyone who thinks my life as a freelancer is a nonstop cavalcade of fun and games, know that it is actually much more like this comic.

This is pretty much the jerkiest thing that has ever been done. But don’t pretend you wouldn’t revel in the chance to do the same.

Media Coverage talks with Ziff Davis’ Dan “Shoe” Hsu about being denied coverage access from a few high profile publishers.

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“The name of the game on caucus night is stand and stay, so this is where the chocolate-chip cookies are crucial.”
-Obama supporter Chelsea Waliser, in The New Yorker

So, here’s my new web site. It’s a little more professional looking than my old site, I think you’ll agree. I’ll mainly be using this page to keep track of my published works and as a public face for my freelancing career, but I’ll also include random thoughts and links and such in this area.

So let’s see… random thoughts. Well, the Daily Show is a lot worse since the strike. The Colbert Report is surprisingly almost just as good without a script. Colbert is really an amazing improv artist.

And links… links… uh… here!

Media Coverage looks back to see how many of the “most anticipated games of 2007” were really worthy of our anticipation.

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The Sonic the Hedgehog series has lost its way a bit in the decades since its start on the Sega Genesis. The blazing, split-second decision-making of the original 2-D adventures gave way to unnecessary RPG elements and slow, hard-to-control gameplay in the more recent 3-D incarnations. Luckily, Sonic Rush Adventure discards most of the detritus that has accumulated on the series over the years and brings back the focus on frenetic speed and thrill-ride atmosphere.

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