Used Video Games Keep Some Retailers Afloat
by Kyle Kennedy

Kyle Orland, a Maryland-based freelance gaming journalist, said the secondhand games industry may become even more crowded while publishers find ways to supplement the existing model with their own. He pointed to services like Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade and the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console, which already offer discounted classic games via direct download.

But Orland also suggests that the new and used sides of the industry may be necessary to ensure each other’s success.

"I know a lot of people complain that it’s significantly eating into new game sales. You hear it most from publishers, and sometimes you hear it from developers that their game would have sold better but people waited to buy it used," said Orland, co-author of "The Videogame Style Guide and Reference Manual." "But the fact that you can buy a new game, beat it, and sell it back for $20, I think that adds value to the new game sales, and it’s not taken into account more often."

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