July 2006

VIDEO GAMES: Violence Begets Violence
By Camille Jackson | Staff Writer, Tolerance.org

"Most of the coverage I’ve seen has treated it as an oddity — a religious game that doesn’t forsake violence," said Kyle Orland, a freelance journalist and editor of Video Game Media Watch.

"From what I have seen, the game is not more violent than other violent games in the market, but is more violent than any religious-themed game I’ve ever seen."

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"She was wearing pants… that’s pretty good for video games, unfortunately"

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"That parental involvement is what’s really necessary. People are saying this law will help empower parents — you can’t watch your child 24 hours a day, so if they sneak off to the store and buy this, we can stop them. But if you don’t kinow where your kid is, if you don’t know what he’s playing at all? If your kid is playing this game for 100 hours ,you should see him playing for one."

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"I don’t know how much of it is really nostalgia or how much of it is really good music, but when you hear that sound, it just makes you feel good."

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