The referee blows the whistle. The captain takes the ball and dribbles slowly up the sideline. He drops a pass back to his teammate, who sends a sailing lob up towards the center of the goal crease. An alert defender grabs the pass and boots it back up the field. His teammate at midfield cautiously protects the ball while waiting for offensive support.

Suddenly, a giant dinosaur comes crashing down on the field from the sky. He quickly incinerates one player from each team, while another player is frozen by a blue turtle shell surreptitiously thrown amidst the chaos. Two more defenders are knocked down by a shoulder-first tackle, leaving only a goalie between the remaining offensive players and the goal. The ball leaves a light green trail behind it as it soars in a perfectly centered pass, and everything seems to slow down as a dramatic upside-down bicycle kick plants the ball right in the corner of the posts.

Ah, the simple joys of soccer.

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