A field of blocks three rows deep sits against a colorful background. You casually shift the blocks around, sliding them up and down their columns as additional blocks occasionally drizzle down from the top of the screen. Lining up groups of three or more like-colored blocks launches whole columns skyward, where some blocks disappear into the heavens and the remaining drift slowly back down to Earth. Pleasant music and sound effects fill the air to accompany your every action.

This is the dreamworld of Meteos as it exists at the start of a session – calm, peaceful, all-in-all a generally agreeable diversion. This version of the world lasts… oh… about a minute before you begin to notice the drizzle of blocks turn into a light shower, then a steady downpour, until finally a torrential flood of blocks begins to fill the screen almost faster than you can handle them. Far from a lackadaisical diversion, Meteos quickly transforms itself into a frantic test of visual acuity and reflexes.

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