February 2005

Colleen McGuinness is a Harvard-educated writer from Long Island, New York. Since graduating in 1999 she’s been a writer and director for a short film titled For Mature Audiences Only, a staff writer for NBC’s short-lived comedy Miss Match, and a story editor for the Fox series North Shore. She’s currently writing a screenplay for New Line Cinema called Baby Got Backhand.

So why are we interviewing her on a gaming site?

It turns out that Ms. McGuinness made her video-game-writing debut last month with Sprung, an odd little Nintendo DS game that simulates the world of dating. Players in Sprung have to navigate a maze of conversation paths to accomplish a variety of dating-related goals with their on-screen conversation partner.

GameSpot talked to Ms. McGuinness about writing, dating and, of course, video games.

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The biggest problem last year was a lack of imagination and originality in the most popular genres. “The year of the sequel” is meaning less and less each year, but 2004 really raised the title to new heights. Just look at the top 10 best selling games of the year. Not a new franchise among them. And that list leaves out PC blockbusters like Half-life 2, The Sims 2 and Doom 3.

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