Pre-adolescents that grew up on Mario flocked to Sonic in their adolescence. His rebellious nature appealed to a generation that was just beginning to assert its independence. In Sonic’s wake, platforming games in general started to slowly change. Color palettes became darker. Characters became more smart-alecky. Even Crash Bandicoot, one of the last bastions of platforming wholesomeness, had a sort of wry, devil-may-care attitude about him.

As gamers and games have continued to mature, so have platforming characters. You can’t turn around these days without running into a big-name action/adventure game that features a bloodthirsty vampire, an undead devourer of souls, or some other shallow characterization that just exudes darkness. Some marketing director at Acclaim seems to have caught on to this trend and tried to apply it to Vexx. He obviously didn’t try very hard.

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