April 2002

The title Sonic Advance is a misnomer of sorts for Sega’s latest Game Boy Advance offering. There’s no problem with the Sonic part of the title; the game features Sega’s spiky blue hedgehog mascot to great effect. The word "Advance," however, does not belong anywhere near the title of a game that does little if anything to advance the series past its 16-bit roots.

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The expectations for each new game in the Legend of Zelda series are, well, legendary.

Each game is expected to live up to the impressive standards of the previous games, which have become instant classics for previous Nintendo systems. This means a new Zelda game has to capture the feeling and magic of the older games in the series while providing something new and interesting for hardcore fans who think they have seen everything. A Zelda game has to perfectly mix elements of new and old just to meet the ridiculous expectations players heap on it.

Somehow, these expectations are always met. Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for GameCube mixes tradition and technology in what is arguably the finest Zelda game yet.

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