Burying the Lede

  • While I wasn’t looking, Kill Screen magazine went ahead and printed their second issue, which they maddeningly call “Issue 1.” If you can resist it after reading the excerpts, I do not want to be your friend anymore.
  • I never got to read the British PC Zone magazine before it got shuttered earlier this month, so I’ll let someone who worked there eulogize it instead.
  • Being in England for the summer has prevented me from checking out @Gamer’s first issue, but Kevin Gifford seems to think it’s good for what it is.
  • Wikipedia entries on graphic adventures + in-depth interviews with the games’ creators + a bit of design work = A freaking book.
  • The next time someone complains your reviews are “bias,” show them this. If that doesn’t work, show them this.
  • “I think games today are a great window into certain age groups and types of people, in the same way that music was a great place to find stories about young people in the 70’s.”

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