Best Buy to launch game magazine: @Gamer coming in late June [updated]

Turn on the funI’m working at Future US in the Future Plus group on a new publication called @Gamer, the “official games magazine of Best Buy.”

So says legendary, veteran game journalist Andy Eddy on his Facebook profile, under “Employers.” Eddy tells me the first issue will appear in stores the last week of June.

I believe this may count as the first “exclusive world reveal” for The Game Beat, because

  1. I can’t seem to find any reference to this magazine on the corporate news release pages for Future or Best Buy (and that includes searching the god-awful animated web site for Future Plus).
  2. I can’t seem to find any reference to it after whole MINUTES of Googling every combination of “Best Buy” and “game magazine” I could think of (Googling @Gamer isn’t helpful, because Google ignores the @)
  3. Andy Eddy just updated his profile because I bugged him about the “secret Future game magazine project” that was previously teased there. “Thanks for the reminder, because I need to update my profile now that the project is ‘public,'” he told me.

It’s possible I just missed something, but if I didn’t OMG SCOOPZ!

Stay tuned for my exclusive interview with Eddy about the project, his editorial outlook for the magazine, and the issues surrounding game retailers publishing game magazines. Or maybe not, if I decide I would rather spend my time on work I actually get paid for.

[UPDATE May 12 9:25PM ET: Kombo actually did some extra legwork and got a Best Buy spokesperson to confirm the magazine’s existence. Take that, all you doubting Thomases.]

38 thoughts on “Best Buy to launch game magazine: @Gamer coming in late June [updated]

  1. Yeah, I think this is a scoop, Kyle. Kotaku picked up on it just now and gave you the credit. Nice work.

    Inasmuch as this is a blog about game media, for us newcomers this is a practical demonstration as to the value of networking, i.e. being on the Facebook friend lists of fellow games journalists, yes?

  2. To be fair, quite a few people have known about this for at least a couple of months since they’ve been reaching out trying to find staff. I think you’re just the first person to bother mentioning it anywhere since no one else wanted to be the guy that leaked the info =P.

  3. @Trevor: While I’m sure some freelancers and potential staffers knew about the magazine, this is the first mention I’ve seen of it in public. I’m guessing Future asked those who did know about it to keep it hush hush until they were ready to reveal its existence (see Eddy’s previous Facebook profile that said the project was “secret”).

    And I didn’t really leak the info… I’m just the first one that happened to notice it was now public and broadcast it.

  4. I think this is two scoops in one really. Future Plus thinks it’s okay to have a site that takes “minutes” to load. “Loading, it’ll be worth the wait…” Really? Really Future Plus? Would anyone wait through that unless it were absolutely necessary?

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