VGMWatch Has a Baby Sister

Folks, say hello to’s new sister-publication, While VGMWatch analyzes the world of the game media, VGMNEWS provides a no-nonsense approach to the latest breaking news from around the industry.

This publication is designed to be a hub for gamers and journalists looking to keep up to speed on all the latest happenings in a fraction of the time it normally takes. A user comment system as well as an archive database will be introduced as well.

More on the basic concept of the publication:

Unabashedly inspired in part by the media formula pioneered by Matt Drudge, VGMNEWS is the number one destination for breaking news in the gaming industry.

What VGMNEWS Offers:

• Minimalist Design provides lightning fast loading times to usher in the up-to-the-minute news stories of the gaming world.

• Updated 24/7 with the latest gaming news from around the world.

• Only the news. No cumbersome graphical glitz, editorial content, or media excess to clog up your news-seeking quest.

• Breaking news stories from the leading gaming media outlets.

• Exclusive investigative reports provided by a dedicated in-house VGMNEWS Team.

No more tedious, time-consuming weeding through countless sluggish game sites to find bits and pieces of the news you care about.

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