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Media Coverage: One-Issue Review: PC Gamer 172

A die-hard console gamer since the age of five, Media Coverage dives bravely into the world of PC gaming journalism to see what he can extract from its vile innards.

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Media Coverage: Love in the Time of Game Journalism

In a special Valentine’s Day edition, Media Coverage looks at how game journalists balance their love of gaming with their love for that special someone in their lives.

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Media Coverage: Taking out the Trash: Winter Doldrums Edition

Media Coverage sweeps out a bunch of detritus that’s accumulated during a surprisingly busy first quarter of 2008. GameSpot, Fox News and more make the list…

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Media Coverage: Meet the Games Press: Ricardo Torres

The newly promoted Gamespot EIC talks about taking the reins of one of game journalism’s oldest and most recognized web sites. And yes, Jeff Gerstmann does come up.

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Media Coverage: Meet the Games Press: Geoff Keighley

Media Coverage talks with the host of Spike TV’s GameTrailers TV about web video, the VGAs and Fox News. Also, the Foo Fighters come up at one point.

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Media Coverage: One-issue Review: Pro Gam3r #1

Media Coverage looks at a newcomer onto the magazine scene that wants to be the Sports Illustrated of pro gaming. Is it worth your time?

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Media Coverage: Frozen Out

Media Coverage talks with Ziff Davis’ Dan “Shoe” Hsu about being denied coverage access from a few high profile publishers.

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Media Coverage: Looking Back at Looking Ahead

Media Coverage looks back to see how many of the “most anticipated games of 2007″ were really worthy of our anticipation.

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Media Coverage: Meet the Games Press: Adam Sessler

Media Coverage talks to the X-Play co-host about some big changes for the show and the status of “gaming” network G4.

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Media Coverage: Taking out the Trash – Post-Gerstmann edition

Media Coverage does a quick summary of game journalism news without mentioning Jeff Gerstmann even once. Whoops. Well I don’t mention Jeff twice. Whoops!

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