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Competition Diss of the Moment

“Still, this feels more like an opportunity missed than something that demystifies an industry that suffers from more than its fair share of working myths”
-A review of Paid to Play in the latest Edge Magazine (November 206, #168, pg. 22). The issue comes with a 32-page guide to working in the game industry titled Get into Games, which covers many of the same topics.


Interview Question of the moment

“Finally, given that your character in this game is human, and Sonic is an animal, do you think anyone is going to attack the game for promoting bestiality? Because people have said stupider things. Like when they accused Tiny Winky of trying to turn kids gay.”
-GameSpy concludes an interview with Sonic voice actress Lacey Chabert on a high note. (Via GameSetWatch)

More substantial updates coming once other projects are complete… or at least more complete.


Hillarious Contest Ad of the Moment

Win a mountain of two games!*
An ad encouraging GamesRadar readers to take an editorial survey


Unintentional Double Meaning of the Moment

“By the time you read this, E3 will be a distant memory to most.”
-Andy Mcnamara leads off his editorial in Game Informer issue 160 (Aug. 2006, Kane and Lynch cover) with some amazingly prescient words.


Lede of the Moment

“This just in: Blu-Ray is dead.”
-Luke Smith kicks of an article discussing Phil Harrison’s comment that he would be “amazed if the PS4 has a physical disk drive.”


Editorial Gripe of the Moment

“I hate when editors change things. Not to sound like the kind of pussy who reads books, but word choice is how a writer establishes his or her voice and it’s especially important in editorial or comedy pieces. I’m sort of a frat boy jock with a lot of nerd hobbies, and I think I write like one. I grew up thinking that dunking and poontang were as important as Ninja Gaiden, and balancing the social roles that go along with each of those hobbies has been tough. So when an editor changes a few words between jokes, then another editor does, then another, and then the jokes are modified for content, my voice is all but gone. It makes me sound like a me impersonator, and I fucking hate me impersonators.”
-SeanBaby rants a bit about EGM’s edits to his pieces


Zing of the Moment

“Is there any gaming oriented subject a games journalist, desperate to add some substance to his or her trade, can’t spend a few thousand words upon? I dunno — ask Wagner James Au.”
-Kotaku’s Florian Eckhart plays it snarky in linking to a piece on The Armchair Empire on the origins of some game character names.


Correction of the Moment

“Okay! We give up! You win! I didn’t notice the wrist strap on Wii at E3, when apparently it was there the entire time, especially after some people started using the controller incorrectly.”
-1up’s Patrick Klepek retracts a story about a “new” wrist strap for the Wii controller, shown for not-the-first time at a Spanish press event.


Caption of the Moment

“Both are much smaller than a brick”
-Ars Technica illustrates the relative sizes of the DS, the DS Lite, and a brick in the caption for this picture in their DS Lite review.


Concise Quote of the Moment

-The entirety of a Game|Life post that tells you all you need to know about rumors of Apple buying Nintendo, started by this CNet story.