Stuff I’m working on/have worked on. Ordered roughly by start date.

I wrote for this consumer-focused video game site, first as a freelancer then as a Staff Writer starting in January of 2009. I continued contributing regular reviews, previews, features, videos and blog posts to the site through Jan. 2010. Regular features included The Fryer, Press Pass and The Week in Gaming,

This technical guide for non-technical people was released in September 2008.

This weekly feature, which I started in March of 2008, keeps tabs on the people who write and tlak about video games for a living and the issues surrounding their job.

An regular podcast on the art and culture of video games. With co-hosts Ralph Cooper and Rob Holt.

A “playlog” that reviews the first hour of a new game every weekday. Now running on Crispy Gamer.

A 96-page book of guidelines and reference for video game journalists. Written with co-authors David Thomas and Scott Steinberg.

I wrote this weekly column covering the people who cover video games from Jan. 2007 through Feb. 2008. It’s currently maintained by Gus Mastrapa.

I write regularly for this popular video game weblog.

A regularly updated blog on covering the video game journalism industry. From June 30, 2003 to Aug. 2, 2005, the site was known as The Video Game Ombudsman and hosted on Blogspot . I stopped working on the site on Dec. 13, 2006.

A fansite I started in 1997 at the ripe old age of 14. I maintained regular updates until 2001, when Sean Kelly took over as day-to-day webmaster. Regular updates ceased in August of 2010.