Photo: Chris Anderson/Prince George’s Gazette

Ten random facts about Kyle (Refresh this page for the exact same list!)

  1. Kyle won the Montgomery County (Md.) Superintendent’s Writing Award in first grade for his short story, “The Lion’s Bad Day.”
  2. Kyle’s first eight months in the womb were spent in North Carolina; he’s been back only once since.
  3. Since 1998, Kyle’s facial hair has varied from “mini-burns” to “mutton chops.”
  4. Kyle’s second toe is longer than his big toe.
  5. Kyle has never beaten his wife at Boggle, despite frequent attempts.
  6. Kyle always chooses cookies and cream at the ice cream parlor.
  7. Kyle knows all the words to every song on the “Rent” soundtrack.
  8. Kyle cooks a mean baked ziti.
  9. Kyle can juggle five balls and three clubs, but not both at the same time.
  10. Kyle loves arranging things into arbitrary lists.

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