With an efficient Data Center solution for enterprise business, you can reduce barriers to internal operations that affect customer service. There are a number of internal processes that can slow the entire organization down, such as building, testing, deploying and maintaining data centers.

With SPCI you can create integrated infrastructure for data, not just storage. Unlike other companies that use a multiple data center infrastructure, you do not have to look for a different solution to put everything together. The process is as simple as selecting the required storage and networking platform. Once everything is configured, you have the flexibility to scale horizontally for your organization, and there are services that help with this, and you can get inĀ Fortinet online.

Plenty of new technologies have come out of D3.org since D3 1.7 was released. How has the community been working in that regard?

We are constantly looking for opportunities to improve performance and integration. We’ve released multiple updates and new features in that time period. Most of our work has been in the following areas:

Plumbing support The’splash-screen’ and other standard events work much better in user facing areas.

User experience work Design improvements to new API, new dashboard styles and new visual display widgets.

Inventory support We added a multi-user inventory for Postgres and SQL servers, allowing you to manage multiple concurrent user accounts.

You can see that the work for Windows has been an ongoing effort for D3. We continue to work on improving Windows data integration, especially in search. This includes working on performance and accuracy improvements to searches for Windows users.

User interface work Various changes to the UI. We continue to optimize features that make managing your Postgres database easier, and that have a “real world” use case for companies.

What about new features?

On our roadmap for the future of D3.org are improvements to our HTTP API and the REST API. Both of these technologies allow us to create rich interactive data experience which are centered around your data.

Finally, you stated that you want to make your users happy. Can you discuss a few steps to increase conversion from customers to supporters?

Ideally you would want a wide array of forms of email engagement. For example, getting emails on new features is a good marketing approach, especially in the early days of a new product. Supporting your customers with “when I write this, I want this” emails is also a good tactic.

Finally, for upcoming posts, do you have anything planned on the front page that shows off the D3 news?

Yes! In the future we will be hosting more “firsts” announcements and items on what’s going on with D3. We will also have highlights of the work we’re doing on the D3 web site. We’re not quite there yet, but we are a ways from that happening.