At this point, the holy grails of retro videogame collecting are pretty well established. Extremely rare games like Chase the Chuck Wagon or the Nintendo World Championship cartridge are widely sought by completist collectors, routinely fetching hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the rare occasions they’re even offered for sale.

But there’s a new generation of collectible pieces of gaming software and hardware that’s just now coming into focus. These are the rare and sought-after pieces from the GameCube, Xbox and PlayStation 2 era that are already starting to show high resale prices, even as most games from that era stagnate in GameStop bargain bins.

This feature highlights 10 of these emerging collectibles, seeking to explain how the delicate interplay of supply and demand affects their relative value. While it’s hard to predict how these games will fare as the used market evolves in the coming decades, it’s a good bet that at least some of them will be coveted by the nostalgia-fueled, income-stuffed collectors who grew up with these recent systems. Who knows … the next gaming Holy Grail could be sitting in your closet right now!

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