Peggle: Dual ShotEver since its 2007 release on the PC, Peggle has always felt to me like it was begging for release on a portable system. The short levels and pick-up-and-play design make it the kind of game you want to fire up for five minutes in a bank line, not the kind you want to wait five minutes for while your PC starts up. The simple, ball-bouncing action is addictive enough to while away a long plane ride, but slightly less addictive if you’re hunched over the same desk you use to do your taxes. And a PC’s high-end graphics card and full keyboard support seem like a bit of a waste for a game that can literally be controlled with one button, and whose most taxing graphical requirement is the display of a rainbow at the end of a level.

So you’d think that the recent Nintendo DS port, called Peggle: Dual Shot, would be an absolute slam-dunk winner of a game. But while the port is a winner, it’s one that doesn’t get through without some significant problems. Rather than a slam dunk, it’s more like a layup that bounces off the rim a few times before finally sinking in. The result is the same, but the effect is diminished by the execution.

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