November 2002

FairPlay Campaign Protests High Video Game Costs With a Boycott

Do you think video game prices are too high? If your answer is yes, a group in England agrees with you – and is planning to do something about it. These British gamers make up the FairPlay Campaign and are organizing a general boycott of video game retailers for the first week in December. According to the campaign’s website (, "Don’t Buy a Video Game Week" will send video game developers the message that "video games are a rip- off," and that "there isn’t a single reason that games couldn’t be sold at £20 [approximately $31]." Currently, prices for new video games typically range from $40 to $60.

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The Rouse Company is set to build a new housing community on the site of the old Fairwood Turf Farm over the objections of the Bowie City Council. 

Rouse, in conjunction with seven local builders, plans to develop the 1,000-acre, 1,800-home community despite the council’s concerns about potential effects on Bowie’s public resources.

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Just a few months after a special election put him in office, Prince George’s County Councilman Tony Knotts seems confident that his focus on education and commercial development will lead him to victory over Henry Nichols Nov. 5. 

Knotts, D, a 20-year lobbyist for the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, is running against Nichols, R, the founder and president of Ace Mortgage Funding Group, in a repeat of the May special election that replaced Isaac Gourdine, who died in February.

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New Video Game Accessories Can Do Everything Short of Making Dinner

Of all the ways in which video games have changed over the years, possibly none is more dramatic than the progress of controller design. Where a dial used to suffice for the simple action of Pong, now there are controllers with multiple analog joysticks, molded plastic grips and dozens of buttons.

Not only are today’s controllers more complicated, but they’re also more gimmicky. In the past, controller makers have added features such as auto-fire, programmable buttons, and force feedback to their products with varying results. Following this pattern, Nintendo and Nyko have both released gimmicky controllers and accessories for the latest generation of systems, again with varying results. Here’s my opinion on some of their latest.

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Serious crime in Bowie rose almost 16 percent for the first half of the year, compared to the same period last year, according to data released by the Bowie Office of Public Safety. 

The increase was less than the 22 percent rise in serious crimes for Prince George’s County’s Police District 2, which includes Bowie, but far outpaced a 6 percent rise for the county as a whole.

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